Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic

Dr. Terlizer is your expert of hair transplantation in Turkey for both hair transplants for women and hair transplants for men . He has combined his knowledge in hair transplantation and hair treatments under the same roof with the concept of holistic aesthetic with 30 years of experience.

Are you looking for high-quality hair transplants? Let Dr. Terziler help you! He has trained hundreds of people in the aesthetic sector and crowned his mastery with his new brand “Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic”.

Check out hair transplant results to see hair transplants before and after and let us convince you about our hair transplant techniques.

Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic
  • Newest technologies used for the first time in the World for the hair transplant

  • 30 years of worldwide experience in hair transplantation and treatments

  • Located in the central and distinguished place in Istanbul

  • VIP focused, high quality aware exclusive hair clinic

  • Completely exclusive, personalized treatments

  • Hair transplantation with the meticulousness of a master of jewellery

  • Innovative hair treatments protocols

  • Based on results and only needs oriented hair transplantations

  • Top-notch World-class hygiene standards

  • Private VIP rest rooms after the surgery

  • Patient follow-up protocols for 1 years

  • Patient satisfaction guaranteed World class center of excellence

Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic

Hair Transplant

Hair loss and hair growth issues due to factors such as advancing age, genetic characteristics, injuries or stress negatively affects the physical appearance and psychology of the person.

At the same time, having healthy, vibrant and bushy hair, which contains some clues about status and character, can increase self-confidence in both men and women and open the door to a better quality and satisfying life. We can help you using our robotic dhi hair transplant technique.

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Hair Treatments

Hair treatments have been successfully applied to thinned hair and supports hair development. Hair loss treatments are a real solution for individuals who are dealing with shedding and hair loss.

Anti Aging Treatments

Everyone wants to live a long, happy and peaceful life. Health is an indispensable prerequisite for living such a life. Therefore, as we get older, we try harder to improve our quality of life in the future; we take care to adopt a healthier lifestyle, to keep our immunity strong and to be vigorous

Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic



  • Grafts Counter (You can monitor how many grafts are transplanted during the operation)
  • Plasma, Growth Factor, Uv Lights to each graft
  • Records of procedure on memory stick
  • Two doctors per patient
  • New roots can be collected without damaging existing roots.
  • We can plan the direction and volume of hair growth in advance.
  • With our specially developed system, the roots can be transferred to the targeted area without losing their vitality.
  • Almost error-free sowing can be done With the precision of jewellery,we can transplant almost foultless.
  • We can obtained almost 4000 to 5000 roots in a single session.
  • You can return to your social life easly since your hair is not shaved.
  • You can have lush, natural-looking and healthy hair without experiencing any pain.
  • With the help of the digital systems in the robot , you can follow all the stages simultaneously.
  • Since the tip of the needle used in robotic dhi hair transplant is very thin,very , less damage occurs in the application area and there is no permanent scar after the procedure.


Sapphire Fue Istanbul, Turquie

A sapphire FUE hair transplant is one of the most effective and permanent solutions to the hair loss problem experienced by almost everyone today. The fue sapphire technique is based on the fact that the grooving stage is not performed with steel slits, but with special surgical pens produced from sapphire ore. This ore is one of the most expensive stones in the world. This fue method has been used comfortably, safely and successfully in Turkey for many years; we get very satisfactory results.

Everyone who suffers from hair loss can have healthy, lush and strong hair in a very short period of time thanks to this fue sapphire technique, which is now the most preferred hair transplantation method in the world.

In Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, sedation (painkiller and relaxing medicine) is applied to the patient before local anesthesia to increase patient comfort and to achieve a completely painless, dream-like hair transplantation. Thanks to sedation, the person has hair as thick and natural as a mother’s hair while taking a sweet nap.


Zirconium Crown

Natural teeth transmit light. As a result of this, depth and vitality appear in the tooth. Their reaction to light greatly affects the appearance of crowns(coatings) and bridges. Porcelain crowns without metal support(empress-zirconium) have a greater depth and vitality due to their light transmission properties. In cases where tooth loss is involved, Zirconium Crowns should be preferred.



When the disc between the vertebrae located in our lumbar region Decays, the nerves are compressed and displacement occurs in the channel through which the spinal cord passes. This condition that causes pain is Lumbar Disc Herniation as it is commonly known. It is possible to permanently get rid of lumbar hernia, which causes a person to suffer from pain and a decrease in the quality of life, quickly, without surgery and painlessly.

Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic
Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic


Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic


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  • ○ Initial consultation, follow-up, final check-up by Dr Terziler

    ○ Extra speed, maximum frequency with robotic DHI technology

    ○ Painless operation with sedation

    ○ Unshaven Hair Transplant

    ○ Extensive blood test

    ○ Lunch at the clinic

    ○ Private rest room in the clinic

    ○ Transfer between Airport – Hotel – Clinic by private car

    ○ Accommodation in 5-star hotel (2 nights, 3 days, breakfast included)

    ○ Interpreter support during treatment in the clinic

    ○ Wash-free care after hair transplantation (Antibacterial wound care and moisturising spray, first in the world)

    ○ Painkillers, Anti-edema, Antibiotics, Ice gel, Neck pillow to be used after transplantation

    ○ 1 Month Feeluxo Hair care set (Serum, Shampoo, Capsule)

    ○ 1-year follow-up after hair transplantation

    ○ Satisfaction Guarantee Certificate

Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic

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