Hair Transplantation With Manuel Fue


Hair transplantation with Manuel Fue has entered the literature as a collection method, which is considered the most sensitive in collecting hair follicles in the world, and provides almost no damage to the roots.
Special punches are used in this hair transplant method. These are the hand punches we call Hand Punch. It cannot be used with a motor. These are used in the grain extraction process with the precision of each root like a jeweler. Here, the practitioner and the team must be highly experienced.

Near zero margin of error in addition with Manual Punch
Manual punch should be in the size of an expert who has deep enough sense and insight to perceive the direction of the root as it travels through the membrane of the hair follicle. This specialist is made by experts who have the experience of changing direction by maneuvering immediately when it is not felt, while there is the possibility of shredding the root in the micro motor while removing that root. For this reason, while there are losses and injuries up to 15, 20 percent in grafts collected with a micro motor, this rate is close to zero in manual Punch collection and should be carried to the dimensions we can call zero.
Manual punch can be applied in all hair transplant cases. Manual Punch should be preferred especially in individuals with limited donor area. Because the injury in the nape area is very low and it provides us the greatest benefit in getting the maximum graft. Especially when we say curly hair, it is difficult to collect with Micro Motor because curly hair inside, because they make spiral movement in the root, it becomes impossible to collect healthy roots when Micro Motors break the spiral.

Possibility of removing two roots with Manual Punch
In Manual Punch, we can collect roots with a quality close to 100%, even in curly ones, by managing the spiral correctly. Another great advantage of Manual Punch is that it allows removing only one or two roots from multiple roots. It collects the roots and passes the two front rows together, giving the opportunity for the most natural front hairline. In Micro Motor Punch, double, triple and quadruple roots are collected. It is obtained by dividing the multiple roots under the microscope to obtain single roots for the two frontmost rows. Since the root membrane will be damaged during the division process to obtain a single root, there is a loss of 15-20% in the holding of the planted roots.

MANUAL FUE Advantages;

 It can divide for each follicle in limited donor cases. For example, we have the advantage of protecting the donor since we can take two of a follicle with three hairs and leave one in the donor.

 The biggest advantage of manual punch for the donor site is that it removes single and double roots very precisely, so it does not damage the surrounding tissue.

 Since it is possible to see the follicles collected one by one in Manuel Fue, we can control the quality of each graft moment by moment.

 With Manual Punch, wavy and curly hair with different directions is removed without damaging the roots.
 It can reach high numbers with Manual Punch and can be protected with high numbers without damaging the donor.

 In one day, the donor area allows hair transplantation up to 4000 roots in suitable cases.

 To be able to perform the removal process by keeping the dilution at a minimum level from the donors who have undergone FUE operation before.

 Having the advantage of a very fast recovery in the donor area with Manual Punch.

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