Fue Hair Transplant

A fue hair transplant is one of the most effective and permanent solutions to the hair loss problem experienced by almost everyone today. The sapphire fue hair transplant method, which is based on the fact that the grooving stage in the FUE technique is performed not with steel slits, but with special surgical pens produced from sapphire ore, one of the most expensive stones in the world, has been applied comfortably, safely and successfully in Turkey since many years. Thanks to the fue hair transplant technique, which is the most preferred hair transplantation application in the world, everyone who has hair loss can have healthy, lush and strong hair in a short time.  You can contact dr. Terziler to ask for more information or a consult.

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Sapphire fue hair transplant

Applying the sapphire fue hair transplant method, sedation (pain reliever and relaxing medicine) is applied to the patient before local anesthesia to increase patient comfort and to achieve a completely painless hair transplantation. Thanks to sedation, the person has hair as thick and natural as a mother’s hair while taking a sweet nap. In order to get the most efficient results from sapphire fue hair transplantation, the serum prepared with ACell powder, which is imported from abroad and also called “magic powder” due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, is transferred to the scalp with the help of a device called “microneedle” during the application. Thanks to this mixture, which is also called “hair grafting”, the transplanted roots are strongly attached to the canal, while a rapid recovery and recovery is provided in the donor area

What is sapphire fue hair transplant?

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation (follicular unit extraction) is an application that is one of the most widely used hair transplantation techniques today and provides very natural-looking results. The most important feature that distinguishes the Sapphire FUE application from other techniques is the use of special surgical pens with sapphire tips, which is a precious stone, during the opening of the channels where the hair follicles will be placed.

In Sapphire FUE hair transplantation application, the face, hair and head structure of the person is evaluated in detail by the doctor who will transplant before the hair follicles are taken from the donor area and the micro channels are opened for hair transplantation. The hairline is determined as a result of millimetric measurements. It is very important to determine the hairline correctly in order for the transplanted hair to look as natural as one’s own hair.

After the consultation, the person is shaved. Then, the person is given a combination of analgesic (painkiller) and sedative (relaxing) medication by the anesthesiologist. Thanks to the sedative pills, which show its effect quickly, the person calms down,relaxes and goes into a light sleep. The soothing effect of sedation ensures that the person does not experience stress and does not even feel the local anesthesia process. The local anesthesia procedure is completed without the person feeling any pain. After local anesthesia, ACell is injected into the scalp with a device called a microneedle.

Fue hair transplant before and after

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation can be easily applied to all men and women who have sufficient hair follicles in the donor area. It offers permanent solutions for those who have typical hair loss problems such as opening at the temples, receding forehead line and homogeneous thinning, as well as for those who have lost a significant part of their existing hair. You can check out some results so that you have an image of what this method can bring you. Of course you can also view the homepage to see an overview of all services which dr. Terziler offers.

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