Pre-Prepared Hair Transplant?

What is a pre-prepared hair transplant?

Having healthy, strong and lush hair not only improves people’s physical appearance, but also greatly affects the general mood and motivation of people. Hair structure and shape, which can almost completely change our reflection in the mirror, play a direct determining role on the level of attractiveness and even on the quality of life. Hair that has become weak and shed as a result of various factors such as advanced age, genetic characteristics, chronic diseases, accidents and injuries can be reproduced by gaining strength with FUE hair transplantation supported hair laser treatment. Thanks to FUE hair transplantation supported by hair treatments, anyone who has hair loss can have hair as thick and natural as a mother’s hair. With pre-prepared hair transplantation, it can be ensured that the roots to be taken from the donor area are strong and that the target area to be transplanted will feed the roots. Earlier and above-expected results can be obtained from hair transplantation. In pre-prepared hair transplantation, existing hair can be strengthened. Under normal conditions, after hair transplantation, new hair grows 60-70% in 6-8 months, while this period can be reduced to 4-5 months with pre-prepared hair transplantation. With the preparation of the roots for the transplantation process and the laser treatment applied at the right time, a much more effective treatment process can be achieved; With the treatment protocol applied by a doctor who is an expert in the field, satisfactory results can be obtained. In this sense, we can briefly answer the question of “what is a pre-prepared hair transplantation?” as a process that obtains maximum efficiency from the best hair transplant treatment.

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In pre-prepared hair transplantation, hair laser is applied for 4-5 months before and after transplantation within the scope of a personalized treatment protocol. The hair laser ensures the revitalization of capillaries, the awakening of the roots, and thus the hairless areas regain lush and healthy hair. At this stage, which is a completely painless procedure, the laser device is used to shoot the weak and scarce points. Laser beams reach the hair follicles (roots) by completely scanning these areas. Thus, by stimulating the stem cells of weakened hair, it helps to strengthen and thicken. After the hair laser sessions are completed, the date for the hair transplant procedure is determined. During pre-prepared hair transplantation for men and women, sedation (painkiller and relaxing medicine) is given to the person before local anesthesia in order to increase patient comfort. Thanks to sedation, while the person takes a sweet nap, the hair transplant process is performed in the blink of an eye. In order to get the most efficient results from the application, the serum prepared with ACell powder, which is imported from abroad and also called “magic powder” due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, is injected into the scalp with the help of a device called “microneedle”. Thanks to this mixture, also known as “hair grafting”, the roots are strongly attached to the area where they are planted, while a rapid recovery is achieved in the donor area.

How is pre-prepared hair transplantation applied? The man or woman who decides to have the best hair transplant first undergoes a detailed consultation by the specialist doctor. Hair follicles are analyzed and prepared for transplantation. The preparation stage is also very important before hair laser treatment-assisted FUE hair transplantation, which has very successful results in this field. The quality of the grafts and the characteristics of the donor area are evaluated in detail. The physician receives information about the medicines used by the person; It may be necessary to take a break for a while, especially in people who use blood thinners. In addition, it is important for the success of hair transplantation not to use alcohol and cigarettes before the procedure. After the consultations, the hairline is determined in the area to be transplanted and the treatment phase is started. Depending on the person’s hair and loss type, 4-5 sessions of laser treatment are performed before transplantation. On the first day of October, the donor area is shaved and sterilized. Then, the person is administered a combination of analgesic (painkiller) and sedative (relaxing) medicines by the anesthesiologist. Thanks to the medicines, which show its effect quickly, the person calms down and relaxes; goes into a light sleep. The soothing effect of sedation ensures that the person does not experience stress due to hair transplantation and does not even feel the local anesthesia process. Local anesthesia is completed without any pain. Half-drowsiness takes about 10 minutes. After local anesthesia, ACell is applied to the scalp with a device called a “microneedle”. After the procedure performed to revitalize and strengthen the hair follicles and canals, the first step of hair transplantation is started. First, with the help of micro motor and micro punches, hair follicles (grafts) are collected one by one from the nape area (donor area) with the FUE technique. Then, the collected grafts are grouped as single, double and triple according to their thickness. In order to prevent an asymmetrical appearance when the hair grows, the hair follicles collected at equal intervals are carefully planted in the transplantation area, into the channels (micro-incisions) opened in the form of V with a metal-tipped medical pen, one by one. This process; Since it determines the angle, direction and density of hair follicles, it is considered the most important stage in the success of the best hair transplantation. After the hair transplantation is completed, the hair laser treatment is applied for 4-5 more sessions if it is deemed necessary.

When does the hair get full and get the desired appearance?The biggest advantage of pre-prepared hair transplantation is undoubtedly that results can be obtained in a shorter time after the procedure. In the process supported by hair laser treatment, new hair gain, which normally takes 6-8 months or longer, takes place within 4-5 months. Thus, the method provides an advantage especially in terms of speed. Following the doctor’s instructions and taking the necessary care of the hair in the period following the treatment play a decisive role in this period.

What should be considered after pre-prepared hair transplantation?

Pre-prepared hair transplant care applications are very important for the success of the treatment. In order not to damage the hair follicles, washing and drying should be done as delicately and lightly as possible. It is recommended to take a break from heavy sports that may cause sweating. In addition, it is important to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for a while, as well as before the hair transplant procedure.Who can have a pre-prepared hair transplant?According to legal practices, anyone who is over the age of 18 and does not have a health problem that may prevent hair transplantation can have a pre-prepared hair transplant. Pre-prepared hair transplantation, which is recommended especially for people who have a large opening in the area where the transplant will be made and who have a weak donor area, Dr. It is a method developed by Servet Terziler with an innovative perspective to get maximum efficiency from hair transplantation.

Hair transplant costs

When you are considering undergoing a hair transplant we can imagine that the costs may play a role in your decision process. For the hair transplant costs you can use our contact form to attain a free consultation and indication of the pricing.

Alternative hair transplant procedures

Besides our pre-prepared hair transplant, Dr. Terziler offers a wide range of alternative procedures. These include: Robotic DHI hair transplants, Sapphire FUE hair transplants, Beard, mustache and sideburn transplants and eyebrow transplant.

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