Hair loss due to factors such as advancing age, genetic characteristics, injuries or stress negatively affects the physical appearance and psychology of the person. At the same time, having healthy, vibrant and bushy hair, which contains some clues about status and character, can increase self-confidence in both men and women and open the door to a better quality and satisfying life.

robotic dhi hair transplant in turkey

Thanks to robotic DHI hair transplantation, which stands out as one of the innovative alternatives in the field of hair transplantation, full and natural looking hair can be obtained easily and painlessly. In robotic DHI hair transplantation, which is a more practical option compared to the Sapphire FUE method, the procedures are completed in two steps; The roots are collected and placed in the special tip “choi” pen and planted in the target area in a single step. In this technique, hair follicles collected are kept in special coolers at +4 degrees and carefully placed at the targeted points in one step. In this way, the transfer is completed without damaging the roots and losing their vitality. Another advantage of the method, which saves time in both application and recovery phase, is that the hair is not shaved. Thus, the unwanted appearance that occurs after hair transplantation is prevented, and the person can return to his daily life much faster. Robotic DHI hair transplantation, which is the number 1 option especially for women who do not want their hair to be shortened for the transplantation process and who do not want it to be known that they have had hair transplantation, ensures that people with hair loss have hair as natural and healthy as their mother’s hair.In this method, where technology is used effectively, 5-6 thousand roots can be planted in one session if the donor area is suitable. Therefore, it is possible to define the question of what is robotic DHI hair transplantation as an innovative hair transplantation technique that provides comfort at every stage.

Robotic DHI hair transplantation is applied in combination with the sedation method, which increases patient satisfaction. During the process, it is also known as hair graft, imported from America; ACell, “magic powder”, which contains vitamins, minerals and medicines is carefully injected into the scalp and roots. Thanks to ACell’s powerful effect that revitalizes hair follicles and awakens inactive roots, high efficiency is obtained from robotic DHI hair transplantation.Thanks to the robotic DHI hair transplantation, which gives good results to rival the Sapphire FUE technique, people cannot be separated from their loved ones and social life for a long time, in a short time like 6-7 hours; painless, comfortable and fast permanent, natural, healthy and lush hair.

How is robotic DHI hair transplantation applied?

Before DHI hair transplantation, the specialist examines the hair, head and skin structure of the person in detail. By taking photos of the head from every angle, the hairline and the procedures to be applied are determined. The correct determination of the hairline is of great importance in terms of making the transplanted hair look as natural as people’s own hair. Then, a combination of analgesic (painkiller) and sedative (relaxing) medicines is given intravenously to the person by the anesthesiologist. The sedative medicines shows its effect immediately, allowing the person to calm down and relax. The person consciously goes into a light sleep state. Thanks to the soothing effect of the sedation process, local anesthesia injections to be made to the head area for hair transplantation are not felt in any way. This semi-drowsy state, which the person spends without feeling any pain, lasts for about 10 minutes. Local anesthesia begins to show its effect, and then ACell is injected into the scalp with the help of a device called a “microneedle”. After the process that nourishes the hair follicles and channels (follicles), the first step of the hair transplantation process is started.

With the help of the technology used in robotic DHI hair transplantation, the roots can be collected much more carefully. The roots taken are kept in special coolers, in a special liquid at the appropriate temperature. Afterwards, the grafts are given to the doctor with pens called “choi”. Thus, possible problems that may occur during planting, such as damage to grafts, can be prevented. In the robotic DHI method, where grooving and root placement stages can be done in one step, all stages of the person’s hair transplantation from the screen thanks to the digital system integrated into the robot can be monitored live. The expertise and dexterity of the doctor and her/his team gain importance in robotic DHI hair transplantation, which requires more attention compared to the Sapphire FUE method. The process is completed in about 6-7 hours on the same day.

What are the advantages of robotic DHI hair transplantation?

We can list the prominent advantages of robotic DHI hair transplantation as follows:

-New roots can be collected without damaging existing roots.

-The direction and volume of hair growth can be calculated before starting the process.

-Thanks to the specially developed system, the roots can be transferred to the targeted area without losing their vitality.

-Planting can be done almost flawlessly.

-4000 to 5000 roots can be obtained in a single session.

-Since the hair is not shaved, it is possible to return to social life much faster.

-The person does not experience any pain; can have bushy, natural-looking and healthy hair without feeling anything.

-With the help of the digital system, the person can follow all the stages simultaneously.

-Since the tip of the needle used in robotic DHI hair transplantation is very thin, less damage occurs in the application area and there is no permanent scar after the procedure.

What should be considered after robotic DHI hair transplantation?

After robotic DHI hair transplantation, the head should not be directly contacted with water. It is recommended to take a break from activities such as pool, sea, sauna and not to touch the head directly for a while. In this process, the person needs to rest and avoid activities that may tire the body excessively. After the procedure, which does not require hospitalization, crusting occurs spontaneously over time. One day after DHI hair transplantation, the person can continue her/his daily activities.

Who is suitable for robotic DHI hair transplantation?

Anyone who has hair loss for various reasons and does not have any health problems that may prevent hair transplantation can have robotic DHI hair transplantation.

Ask About Details & Cost of Hair Transplant

  • Operating by 2 doctors at the same time
  • First consultation, follow-up, last control by Dr.Terziler
  • Combination of DHI technique with Robotics, for the first time in the world
  • Painless operation (with sedation process)
  • Plasma process
  • Disposable personalized Sapphire
  • The thinnest and sharpest sapphire
  • Full blood test
  • Lunch in the Clinic
  • Private resting room in the Clinic
  • Transfers from Airport-Hotel-Clinic
  • 5-star hotel accommodation (2 nights, 3 days, incl. breakfast)
  • Language support while transplantation process
  • Unwashed hair transplant (Antibacterial wound care and moisturizing spray)
  • Painkiller, Edema reliever, Antibiotic, Ice gel, Neck pillow, Hat
  • 1-year follow-up after planting
  • Guarantee Certificate



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