Hair Transplant

Hair loss and hair growth issues due to factors such as advancing age, genetic characteristics, injuries or stress negatively affects the physical appearance and psychology of the person.

At the same time, having healthy, vibrant and bushy hair, which contains some clues about status and character, can increase self-confidence in both men and women and open the door to a better quality and satisfying life. We can help you using our techniques.

Robotic DHI Hair Transplant

A hair transplant, which is the number 1 option especially for women who do not want their hair to be shortened for the transplantation process and who do not want it to be known that they have had hair transplantation, ensures that people with hair loss have hair as natural and healthy as their mother’s hair. In the robotic hair transplant method, where technology is used effectively, 5-6 thousand roots can be planted in one session if the donor area is suitable.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

A fue hair transplant is one of the most effective and permanent solutions to the hair loss problem experienced by almost everyone today. The sapphire fue hair transplant method, which is based on the fact that the grooving stage in the FUE technique is performed not with steel slits, but with special surgical pens produced from sapphire ore, one of the most expensive stones in the world, has been applied comfortably, safely and successfully in Turkey since many years. Thanks to the fue hair transplant technique, which is the most preferred hair transplantation application in the world, everyone who has hair loss can have healthy, lush and strong hair in a short time.  You can contact dr. Terziler to ask for more information or a consult.

Beard, Mustache and Sideburn Transplantion

Beard and mustache in men represent many characteristic features such as power, experience and reliability since ancient times. In addition, it has an important role in influencing the opposite sex. However, due to genetic, environmental and vital conditions, not every man can have the magnificent beard and mustache they want. This state of self-discontent can lead to lack of self-confidence and psychological problems. For all these reasons, beard transplantation, mustache transplantation and sideburn transplantation, along with hair transplantation, are among the most common aesthetic operations performed by men in every period.

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows, which add meaning to the expression by clarifying the facial features, help us to convey our feelings and thoughts without the need for words. With this aspect, the main function of the eyebrow, which is considered extremely important in terms of communication, is to protect our eyes from external factors such as sweat, dirt and dust. On the other hand, the fact that it is located in one of the most striking parts of the face ensures that the eyebrow has an important place in terms of aesthetic appearance. However..

Pre-Prepared Hair Transplant

Having healthy, strong and lush hair not only improves people’s physical appearance, but also greatly affects the general mood and motivation of people. Hair structure and shape, which can almost completely change our reflection in the mirror, play a direct determining role on the level of attractiveness and even on the quality of life. Hair that has become weak and shed as a result of various factors such as advanced age, genetic characteristics, chronic diseases, accidents and injuries can be reproduced by gaining strength with FUE hair transplantation supported hair laser treatment…

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