Hair Nail Cocktail


When it comes to appearance and aesthetics, the leading role is undoubtedly the hair. Regardless of our age, we always want to have silky, vibrant and strong hair to feel complete. In addition to factors such as air pollution, irregular diet and seasonal changes, the hair care products we use against hair loss, shampoos, masks and even our choice of combs affect our hair health. On the other hand, we need to show our nails the same care we give to our hair. Because the vitamins and minerals we get from food nourish our nails as well as our hair. In particular, the lack of B vitamins causes the nails to become thinner and break at the slightest blow. While you can’t even find the opportunity to eat healthyly in your busy life, you may be thinking about how to spare time for both hair and nail care separately. At this point, the “hair nail coctail” application, which will save us from all these efforts at once and create powerful effects, comes to our rescue.

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Hair nail serum, as the name suggests, is a mixture of natural vitamins that will doping on nails and hair. Vitamin B complexes have a miraculous healing power on hair and nails. Biotin and B9 folic acid, which are B7 among the people, are very important in this application. In addition, hair nail coctail, which contains all B vitamins such as B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, also contains zinc, which is very effective in hair, skin and nail quality. Hair nail serum is used for treatment to achieve smooth nails and better quality hair.Hair nail serum, also known as hair nail coctail, can be applied as an accelerator after hair transplantation. It collects the fainting process in the hair that can be taken after transplantation.

Application process;

  • All steps specified in the procedure application are performed, infusion is started slowly for a period of 30 minutes.
  • The administration procedure is once every 2 days or once every 7 days.
  • When the entire application is completed, the general condition of the patient is evaluated (blood pressure, fever, pulse, saturation, patient’s specific expression).
  • When the application is perfectly done, patients become free from their vascular access which is a process needed for the application.

Considerings for the application:

  • It is recommended to apply the ozone or glutathione applications at least half an hour after
  • There should be no caffeine consumption during the procedure.
  • Our application is applied to the age of 18 and above. During the application, people should not be too full or hungry because it can cause nausea.
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